The features, EasyOrder Shop smart-POS offer to your business

Let's take your business to the next level without expensive hardware



100% White Labeled

Your web-store will be customized to your brand with your logo and theme color of your choice.

Real-time Update

Any change done by your admin panel will be updated real time in your web-store.

Define Open/Close Time

Your store open/close label will be displayed in the web-store, and customers can only place orders when your shop is open.

Device Optimization

Since we use WhatsApp to process your orders, the store will be optimized for mobile use.

QR code access

You will receive your own QR code where you can direct your customers to.


An option is given in the admin panel to enable if you allow your customers to pickup orders. So customer can place orders online and select pickup option to collect their order at counter or parking slot.


Unlimited products

EasyOrder Shop-elegant allows you to list unlimited products of your business on the web-store.

Define SKUs

A unique SKU code can be assigned to each product in order to identify them separately.

Unlimited Categories

Your products can be classified under an unlimited number of categories in the web-store.

Generate Qrcode

Smart-POS allows you to move one step ahead by adding a module to create your own item specific qrcode for all your products OR you can use manufacturer barcode Id as well for billing process.

Inventory management

A smart inventory management module is implemented where your customers will be notified if a product they purchase has run out of stock and also automatically issue products from the stock having varient selling prices on FIFO basis and list it in cart accordingly.

Discounted Products

Smart-pos allows you to give special discounts for any number of products and customers will see the discount tag over the products at storefront.

Shopping Cart

Edit Order

Once an order is placed if it needs any adjustments it can be through your admin panel.

Out of Stock Pop-ups

You can define your stock availability, and if any product runs out of stock, customers won't be able to order that product.

Automatic Delivery Rate Apply

Extra charges such as delivery and service charges can be defined from your admin panel, and they will be applied to every order.

Abandon Cart Data

In case a customer forgot to send you the order, the cart data will be retained for 8 hours.

Check Out

Customer Recognition

If a customer has ordered from your store before, once they include their contact number, the rest of the details will be automatically filled in.


EasyOrder Shop Smart-pos allows your customers to pay online over most secured payment gateway in Sri Lanka. We will integrate one gateway (Payhere/DirectPay) in to your business for free.

Easy Process

The ordering process of EasyOrder Shop is super smooth and less time consuming for your customers.

Fetch Real Time Location

If you have your own delivery team, you can allow your customers to send their google location where you can share with your delivery team for easy navigation.

Promotional Campaigns

You can create and issue promocodes on any special occations for your customers by giving discount percentage. Customers can enter promocode at checkout and it will be applied to the bill automatically.

Admin Panel

Secured Access

We have ensured the security of your data at the highest priority throughout our solution.

Edit Store

We have allowed you to customize your stores' look and feel, your products and other crucial data of your business.

Sales Reports

EasyOrder will generate three types of sales reports (General, By Date, By category) where you can access and export to excel from your admin panel.

Order Statistics

Statistics such as the number of orders processed and total sales are easily accessible through the admin panel, along with a sales chart of the last 14 days.

Print your Receipt

Our admin panel will create a unique receipt for each order, where you can print it out with your receipt printer.(3 1/8")

WhatsApp Orders

All orders placed by online customers and through POS along with details of each, will be listed and can further be managed on customer request or as per your discretion (add items / edit items) in your admin panel as well.

Customer Details

All the customers who have placed orders from your store will be listed along with their past order details.

Survey Results

Results of the survey which pop-ups after each order to the customer, will be published in your admin panel.

Handle Delivery

Results of the survey which pop-ups after each order to the customer, will be published in your admin panel.

Pont of Sale (POS)

Manage Cashering

Manage all your cashering tasks on a portable & in-expensinsive tab device with bluetooth thermal printer. Our simplified & easy to use POS system is equiped with barcode scanning, searching items, large touch buttons, categorised items, add discounts, hold bills and many more. Say NO to very expensive hardware like cash registeres.

Organised Product Listing

Properly organised products are listed by category for easy access. Add items to bill easily by clicking on large buttons or by scanning Qrcode/Barcode. Buttons can be customised to show the product image or hide the image.

QRCode / Barcode Scan

Faster the billing process lesser the queue time. Add items seemlessly to the bill by scanning system generated qrcode or manufacturer barcode in milli seconds.

Multiple Products Enabled

While you are selling your major products sell other type of products as well. Example: As a pharmacy while you are selling Prescribed and OTC drugs/products you also can sell grocery items with our Smart-pos solution easly.

Hold Orders

You can hold current billing order allowing the customer to collect any forgotten items and allow next customer to proceed with, and revert the hold order back when the customer is present at counter.

Apply Promocode

If any active promotions are available in the system, the cashier can add promocode to the bill if the customer present the promocode at checkout.

Apply Discounts

If you need to give your customers a discount, Smart-pos allows you to apply predifined discounts to the bill sub total.

Good News For Restaurant Owners

Table Management

If you are running a restaurant or food store, table management module is integrated to our Smart-POS for your dine-in orders and you can see realtime table status at any time whether the table is ready, occupied or served. You can simply bill the customer at checkout by touching on the relevant table icon in the POS.

Tableside Food Ordering

Your server can collect orders digitaly from dine-in customers at tableside from cloud menu by using handheld tablet or mobile device and send order to kitchen display.

Kitchen Display

Manage kitchen orders/tickets with no hesitation from the digital display placed in kitchen. All orders with time laps, server name and table no are displayed in the order of recieves.

Service Charge

Service charge will be automatically applied to the bill for dinein orders.

Try Demo

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Click on the image to see how you can assign an order to a table.

Stock Management

Total Stocks

The total stock quantity that is remaining for each product stock will be displayed.

Re-ordering Level

You can add a reminder at a specific stock level when you need to purchase new products.

Automatic Stock Updating

When new stocks are added or a customer places an order, the stocks quantity will be updated automatically in real time.

Stock Reports

You can generate different types of stock reports such as, General Stock report, stock by any given date, stock by category & Re-order Stock reports where it can be accessed from your admin panel.


You can add products to the system as and when you purchase from your suppliers and stay beside & see how your stock is updated and keep track on your all products seemlessly in the business cycle.

Domain & Hosting

Unique Domain

Image your store name is "example store", then your unique link will be "".

SSL certificate

Your web-store will be protected using a SSL certificate to keep your customers' information and business data secure.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You'll never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your store.