The features, EasyOrder Shop-lite offer to your business

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Demo Store


100% White Labeled

Your web-store will be customized to your brand with your logo and theme color of your choice.

Real-time Update

Any change done by your admin panel will be updated real time in your web-store.

Define Open/Close Time

Your store open/close label will be displayed in the web-store, and customers can only place orders when your shop is open.

Device Optimization

Since we use WhatsApp to process your orders, the store will be optimized for mobile use.

QR code access

You will receive your own QR code where you can direct your customers to.


Upto 50 products

EasyOrder Shop lite allows you to list 50 unique products of your business on the web-store.

Define SKUs

A unique SKU code can be assigned to each product in order to identify them separately.

Unlimited Categories

Your products can be classified under an unlimited number of categories in the web-store.

Inventory management

A simple inventory management software is implemented where your customers will be notified if a product they purchase has run out of stock.

Discounted Prices

If you are giving any special discounts for your products it can be mentioned in the web-store.

Product Variations

EasyOrder Shop lite doesn't get the option to define multiple variations of the products.

Shopping Cart

Edit Order

Once an order is placed if it needs any adjustments it can be through your admin panel.

Out of Stock Pop-ups

You can define your stock availability, and if any product runs out of stock, customers won't be able to order that product.

Automatic Delivery Rate Apply

Extra charges such as delivery and service charges can be defined from your admin panel, and they will be applied to every order.

Abandon Cart Data

In case a customer forgot to send you the order, the cart data will be retained for 8 hours.

Check Out

Customer Recognition

If a customer has ordered from your store before, once they include their contact number, the rest of the details will be automatically filled in.


EasyOrder Shop lite version doesn't allow you to integrate a payment gateway for your business.

Easy Process

The ordering process of EasyOrder Shop is super smooth and less time consuming for your customers.

Fetch Real Time Location

If you have your own delivery team, you can allow your customers to send their google location where you can share with your delivery team for easy navigation.

Your Savings

If you have given a discount on your products, customers will see the savings they had from their order.

Admin Panel

Secured Access

We have ensured the security of your data at the highest priority throughout our solution.

Edit Store

We have allowed you to customize your stores' look and feel, your products and other crucial data of your business.

Sales Reports

EasyOrder will generate three types of sales report where you can access and export from your admin panel.

Order Statistics

Statistics such as the number of orders processed and total sales are easily accessible through the admin panel.

Print your Receipt

Our admin panel will create a unique receipt for each order, where you can print it out with your receipt printer.(3 1/8")

WhatsApp Orders

The list of orders along with details of each will be visible on your admin panel as well.

Customer Details

All the customers who have placed orders from your store will be listed along with their past order details.

Survey Results

Results of the survey which pop-ups after each order to the customer, will be published in your admin panel.

Handle Delivery

Results of the survey which pop-ups after each order to the customer, will be published in your admin panel.

Domain & Hosting

Unique Domain

Image your store name is "example store", then your unique link will be "".

SSL certificate

Your web-store will be protected using a SSL certificate to keep your customers' information and business data secure.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You'll never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your store.