Merchant Agreemnt


  • For any clarifications, please reach us through for technical support. Please note that we provide technical support through email only.
  • Code94 Labs will hold the authority and proprietorship of the product EasyOrder although it will be 100% white-labeled to your business.
  • If any custom add-on features are required, they can be implemented with an additional charge.
  • If you require a dedicated team member to fully set up your store, that also can be done with an additional charge depending on the number of products in the store.
  • We Code94 Labs and EasyOrder Shop are not liable for the customer data that is exported from EasyOrder Shop.
  • Users must agree to not sell any purchaser’s information to any third-party company (includes, Name, Email, Address, Phone Number)
  • In case the username or password is misplaced, the credentials can be requested through

Web-store Operations

  • The store owner is entitled to make the deliveries to their respective customers.
  • The deliveries should be made at the promised time and location.
  • The store owner must manage all products and listings which include product information as well.
  • The store owner is allowed to set up more than one store but the web-stores cannot sell similar products.
  • Defining a proper web-store open/close time is a must for the convenience of your customers.
  • The web-store and its products’ information must be up to date at all times.
  • Customer support options must be available from the store owner’s end.

Payments & Transactions

  • Payments are conducted through bank transactions only.
  • Processing payments are not authorized to EasyOrder Shop.
  • The store owner is responsible for all the payments, sales, and taxes by the government.
  • In case of termination by the store owner mid agreement, there will be no refund of the previous payments.

Service & Maintenance

  • We reserve the right to modify and update any functionalities of the system to provide a better service to you and your customers.
  • When we are rolling out new updates, we will be informing you prior and carry on the process during the non-operating hours of your store.
  • The store owner must agree to not reproduce, duplicate, copy, resell, sell or exploit any part of the EasyOrder shop service without the permission of Code94 Labs.

Banned Products & Services

  • The following list of products cannot be sold within a web-store,
    • Weaponry
    • Illegal drugs
    • Copyright materials
    • Knock-off, counterfeit, or replica items
    • Stolen property or goods
    • Electronic smoking products
    • Unauthorized recordings, movies, videos, or photographs
    • Pirated software and applications
    • Unauthorized reproductions of movies, books, or music
    • Products that contain hazardous materials
    • Lottery tickets or coupons
  • EasyOrder Shop has the right to determine if any product contains banned or inappropriate data and send you a notice if that product must be modified or removed.


  • No spamming of products or ads are allowed within the web-store.
  • Spamming product information with comments and links directing customers to the store is prohibited.
  • If a web store is discovered to be spamming, the web store will be disabled immediately.
  • If a store owner is found generating fake user accounts, their web store will be disabled immediately, and they will be prohibited from using the EasyOrder Shop.

Terms & Conditions

  • The store owner is solely responsible for maintaining the credentials securely.
  • EasyOrder Shop is not liable for any loss or misplacement of the credentials.
  • The store owner cannot use EasyOrder for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.
  • The data of any transaction or order that was done outside of the web-store will not be updated in the web-store analytics.
  • Terms for banning the store,
    • Selling illegal items
    • EasyOrder Shop receiving customer complaints regarding your web-store
    • Trying to resell the Easyorder Shop service/platform
  • We reserve the right to terminate services if any inconveniences occur,
    • Not settling payments on time (7 days from the deadline)
    • Not adhering to warnings from Code94 Labs


  • For any disagreements or disputes between the store owner and Code94 Labs, we will seek to resolve the dispute before resorting to legal proceedings.
  • For any disputes, the store owner must first contact Code94 Labs before seeking any legal measures.
  • For all legal matters, the store owner is liable to reimburse any expenses regarding them.
  • EasyOrder Shop is not responsible if a store-owner is found responsible for selling illegal products.
  • EasyOrder shop will not be liable for the payment of any uncompleted orders, unsuccessful orders, damaged orders, or fake orders.
  • If the store owner is subjected to any refunds that are due for their specific customers, Code94 Labs will not be liable to settle these payments.
  • The signed agreement will be governed by all aspects of the laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as it is applied to all and any agreements that are signed by both parties, EasyOrder shop, and the store owner.